Virtual Tours

Want to see what you can expect?
Take a Virtual Tour of our hotels.

 As someone who is planning to stay at a hotel, taking a virtual tour before booking can be incredibly beneficial. With a virtual tour, you can get a preview of the hotel’s amenities, décor, and layout, giving you a better idea of what to expect during your upcoming stay. Click on any of the images below to experience a virtual tour of the hotel.

Holiday Inn Johannesburg-Rosebank Virtual Tour
Holiday Inn Johannesburg-Rosebank
RH Hotel Pretoria Virtual Tour
RH Hotel Pretoria
Holiday Inn Express Sandton-Woodmead Virtual Tour
Holiday Inn Express Sandton-Woodmead
Holiday Inn Express Durban-Umhlanga Virtual Tour
Holiday Inn Express Durban-Umhlanga
Cape Town Hotel Virtual Tour
Holiday Inn Express Cape Town-City Centre
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