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Take a virtual tour of the hotel and enjoy an immersive experience before you even arrive. 

To walk through the whole hotel, start at our Entrance and move to the next areas using the arrows. To move around and change your view, simply click and drag your mouse around the image.  You can increase the image to full screen by selecting the [ ] at the top right of the image.  If you don’t have time to walk through the entire hotel, simply pick an area in the frames below and have a look around.


Welcome to the Holiday Inn Express Sandton-Woodmead, a beacon of comfort nestled within a secure business park. This strategic location not only offers unparalleled convenience for business travelers but also ensures an added layer of safety for all our guests. As you approach the hotel, a round water feature serves as a serene focal point, setting the tone for a tranquil stay.

Directly accessible from the entrance is the Vibe Bistro, a gem for our in-house guests. Given that our establishment is a limited services 3-star hotel without its own dedicated restaurant, Vibe Bistro fills this niche perfectly, offering delicious meals in a cozy setting.

Parking is a breeze with ample open spaces, and for those who prefer a bit more cover, undercover parking options are readily available. From the moment you arrive, the Holiday Inn Express Sandton-Woodmead ensures a seamless and secure experience.


Upon entering the Holiday Inn Express Sandton-Woodmead, the downstairs lobby immediately captures your attention with its contemporary design. Dominating this space is a stunning glass-railed staircase, which not only serves as a functional feature but also as an architectural centerpiece. Accentuating the ascent to the 2nd floor are long glass hanging ball lights, which cascade gracefully, illuminating the path and guiding guests towards the reception. The interplay of light and glass creates an ambiance of modern elegance, setting the stage for a memorable stay. 


Ascending the elegant staircase, you’re welcomed to the 2nd floor by our reception area. Here, a large curved reception desk stands ready, where our friendly staff are on hand to ensure a smooth check-in and address any queries. Adjacent to the reception, a cozy lounge area provides a space for guests to relax, perhaps with a book or a cup of coffee.

Flowing seamlessly from the lounge is the breakfast seating area, designed to start your day on a delightful note. Bright and inviting, this space is perfectly complemented by the adjacent buffet. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty meal or a light snack, our breakfast offerings cater to a range of tastes, ensuring every guest begins their day satisfied and energized.


The Great Room at Holiday Inn Express Sandton-Woodmead offers a harmonious blend of dining and relaxation areas. With ample seating, it’s an inviting space where guests can enjoy their meals, catch up on work, or simply relax. TVs strategically placed in the bar and lounge areas ensure guests can stay updated with global events or enjoy a game, adding to the ambiance of leisure and relaxation.

Adjacent to the Great Room, our bar beckons. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing glass of wine, or a cold beer, the bar offers a diverse selection to cater to every preference. It’s a space designed for relaxation, casual conversations, and enjoying the company of fellow travelers.


Begin your day on a delightful note at the Holiday Inn Express Sandton-Woodmead with our complimentary Express Start Breakfast Buffet. A diverse spread awaits, ensuring every palate is catered to. Dive into a selection of hot dishes, which rotate daily, offering variety for guests who choose to stay with us for extended periods. For a lighter fare, an array of cereals, pastries, cheeses, and breads are available. And, no breakfast experience is complete without a refreshing beverage. Choose from freshly brewed coffee, a variety of teas, or indulge in a comforting cup of hot chocolate.


The outside deck at the Holiday Inn Express Sandton-Woodmead is a serene escape that offers guests a panoramic view of the stunning World of Golf. This vantage point, especially during the golden hours, showcases breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, painting the sky in hues of orange, pink, and purple. It’s an idyllic setting to start your day, enjoying your morning breakfast while soaking in the beauty of the dawn. As the day transitions, the deck becomes the perfect spot for an evening sundowner, allowing guests to unwind and reflect as the sun dips below the horizon. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, the outside deck promises moments of tranquility and awe.


For businesses and organizations seeking a conducive environment for discussions, workshops, or presentations, our meeting room stands ready. Designed to comfortably seat up to 25 delegates, the space is both functional and inviting. A large TV is available for crisp and clear presentations, while those preferring a more traditional setup can utilize the projector and pull-down screen.

One of the standout features of this room is the inclusion of windows, allowing for an influx of natural light, which can invigorate attendees and enhance focus. However, for presentations requiring a darker setting or for added privacy, the room features block-out curtains. Whether you’re hosting a brainstorming session, a training workshop, or a corporate presentation, the meeting room at Holiday Inn Express Sandton-Woodmead ensures your event is both productive and pleasant.


Energize your workouts in our Vibrant Mini Fitness Centre, a space that’s as lively as it is functional. The lime green walls, infused with the spirit of vitality, set the tone for invigorating workouts. Complementing this vibrant hue is a beautiful green bamboo wallpaper, adding a touch of nature and serenity to the environment.

For those who enjoy staying updated or entertained during their exercise routines, a TV is strategically placed for easy viewing. The centre is equipped with a range of state-of-the-art fitness equipment, including a multigym, treadmills, a bike, and an orbital trainer. For strength training enthusiasts, a selection of weights is available, ensuring a comprehensive workout session.

Whether you’re kickstarting your day with some cardio or winding down with strength training, the Vibrant Mini Fitness Centre promises an environment that motivates and invigorates.


Our Twin Rooms at the Holiday Inn Express Sandton-Woodmead are meticulously crafted to cater to friends, colleagues, or family members who value both companionship and individual space. Each room is furnished with two plush single beds, ensuring a restful night for every guest.

For those who wish to stay connected or have work commitments, a spacious desk paired with a comfortable chair offers an ideal workspace. Entertainment needs are met with a large TV, boasting a diverse selection of DStv channels. For added security, an electronic safe is provided in each room, ensuring your valuables are well-protected. Guests can also enjoy the convenience of tea and coffee making facilities, perfect for that early morning brew or a late-night cup. A small bar fridge, though not stocked, is on hand for personal refreshments or snacks. And for moments of relaxation or reflection, a comfy chair provides the perfect nook.


Experience a blend of comfort and functionality in our Double Rooms at the Holiday Inn Express Sandton-Woodmead. The room showcased here boasts a balcony, offering guests a private outdoor space to enjoy fresh air and perhaps a morning coffee or an evening wind-down.

Inside, a comfortable double bed promises restful nights, ensuring guests wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead. The room is equipped with all the essentials, including a spacious desk paired with a comfortable chair for work or planning, a large TV with a diverse selection of DStv channels, an electronic safe for your valuables, and tea and coffee making facilities for your convenience.

The en-suite bathroom is designed with modernity and efficiency in mind. It features a water-saving PowerShower, providing a refreshing experience while being environmentally conscious.


Designed with families in mind, our Double Rooms with Sleeper Couch at the Holiday Inn Express Sandton-Woodmead offer a harmonious blend of comfort and functionality. The room features a plush double bed, ensuring parents have a restful space of their own. For children, the sleeper couch easily transforms into a cozy bed, accommodating up to two kids under 12. The room is equipped with all the essentials for a comfortable stay. A spacious desk paired with a comfortable chair caters to any work or planning needs, while a large TV with a diverse selection of DStv channels ensures entertainment for the whole family. An electronic safe is provided for the security of your valuables, and tea and coffee making facilities are on hand for that early morning brew or a comforting evening cup.  The en-suite bathroom, fitted with a water-saving PowerShower, ensures that every member of the family can enjoy a refreshing start or end to their day.

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